Eliminate the Mortgage

Pay off the Mortgage in 5-7 years and take control of your Mortgage today.

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Why is it that most Australians end up using the majority of their Super to pay off their Mortgages and never make any substantial inroads whilst they are working? It's not because they stop making their repayments.

Most people keep refinancing to pay off credit card debt, or if they're lucky, buy a bigger home. They don't have some small positive financial habits they follow to keep them heading in the right direction and start living a more financially free lifestyle.

It is a bit of a cliche, but the small things like paying your loan when you're paid your wage can make an enormous difference to the amount of principal you reduce each month and therefore, significantly reduce the life of the mortgage.

Did you know that? What other small habits could you get into which could have a significant overall impact on the life of your Mortgage?

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How they do it

The Legal Stuff, but its IMPORTANT
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